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Kanye West and His Political Platforms for the 2020 Election

Kanye West announced on Saturday evening that he will be “running for President of the United States.” It came as a surprise to nearly the entire country, but especially Republicans. Why would Yeezus, one of the few
USA Politics

3 Reasons Why Voting By Mail Would Be a Nightmare

But should these state governments use this pandemic as an excuse to close in-person voting? We are able to gather in supermarkets, walk inside of restaurants, and even shop at garden centers, so what’s that difficu
USA Politics

The Dangerous Polarization in America

With accusations of sexual harassment being suppressed through party politics, a blatant hypocrisy coming stemming from double standards, and a continuous hatred of one politician to the next, a dangerous polarizati
USA Politics

The Political Affiliation of Generation Z

Generation Z is the population that was too young to understand the Bush administration and too unaware to follow the Obama administration. It is the group of young individuals that has become polarized because...
USA Politics

The Gender Wage Gap is A Myth

I become triggered every time somebody uses the gender wage gap as an excuse for social reform in the United States. It is one of the many fake arguments presented by liberals, for liberals. What surprises me the...
USA Politics

Why Does Pop Culture Hate President Trump?

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has been receiving backlash from the leftist community. Negative remarks during his press conference from journalists, ill-mannered responses voiced...

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