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Why You Should Attend a Trump Rally

Donald J. Trump is, and has been, one of the greatest entertainers in modern television. When Mark Burnett proposed to him the idea to reach millions of viewers and educate them on finance through The Apprentice, it
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7 of Joe Biden's Most Entertaining Campaign Bloopers

The presumptive Democratic nominee has had several incidents in the past where he would reference himself as a prostitute for votes or wishing his condolences for a colleague’s mother although she was well and alive
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Could Hillary Clinton Secure the 2020 Presidency?

The Democratic party has wanted one thing since April 12, 2015. It’s been for Hillary Clinton to become the first female President in United States history. Her election would have inspired a generation of young, fe
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The 3 Reasons I Started a Political Blog

The Political Dropout: a conservative news blog for college students by a college student. The idea started with an initial text that read: “what if we started a blog that was half political and half investor?”...
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The Gender Wage Gap is A Myth

I become triggered every time somebody uses the gender wage gap as an excuse for social reform in the United States. It is one of the many fake arguments presented by liberals, for liberals. What surprises me the...

The Monopoly Board Game Breeds Billionaires [Satire]

Monopoly is a game of strategy. One must accumulate a respectable amount of wealth, then purchase several of the various colored properties, all in an effort to eventually bankrupt the rest of the players by...

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