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Are Colleges "Liberal Indoctrination Camps"?

Nearly every research study confirms the notion that professors at American colleges or universities lean left in their political views. A 2007 study by Gross and Simmons, which included 1,417 full-time professors a
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Would a Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine Be Constitutional?

But the question remains: are there certain liberties or rights protecting against a government mandated vaccine? If not, can one be exempt based on personal preference, or even religious preference? This has happen
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The 3 Reasons I Started a Political Blog

The Political Dropout: a conservative news blog for college students by a college student. The idea started with an initial text that read: “what if we started a blog that was half political and half investor?”...
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The Political Affiliation of Generation Z

Generation Z is the population that was too young to understand the Bush administration and too unaware to follow the Obama administration. It is the group of young individuals that has become polarized because...

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