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What I Have Learned Since Starting a Political Blog 4 Months Ago

I wish that I could summarize my experiences with my company into only a few sentences, but I cannot. There have been too many individuals, too many lessons, and too many interactions to glance over and forget. 

The 2 Minute Argument Against the White Privilege Myth

This is the number one conservative argument against the White Privilege Myth. No fluff, just facts.

The Left's 3 Most Despicable Moments of June and July

The left has been hypocritical and ignorant since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, aside from the duration of Donald Trump’s presidency. Hypocritical about the actions of BLM and protestors, and ignorant abou
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Kanye West and His Political Platforms for the 2020 Election

Kanye West announced on Saturday evening that he will be “running for President of the United States.” It came as a surprise to nearly the entire country, but especially Republicans. Why would Yeezus, one of the few

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