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The Truth of Socialism: 14 Questions with a Survivor of Socialism

What this article entails is a first hand account of what life was like under socialist Poland in the 1960s… the bloody protests, the rationing of food and education, and the restrictions of freedom that no human sh
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Socialism is the Slow Road to Communism

Promising equality, Lenin gave more inequality, oppression, and murder. As we sit and listen to the promises of House Representatives like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, we hear about the need for free housing, free col

The 2 Minute Argument Against Kamala Harris

This is the number one conservative argument against Kamala Harris. No fluff, just facts...

The 2 Minute Argument In Favor of Billionaires

This is the number one conservative argument in favor of billionaires. No fluff, just facts...
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The Swing States That Will Decide the 2020 Election

The system to elect the President of the United States is known as the Electoral College which was established in the Constitution. Unlike the popular vote in every other election, the citizens vote to select their

The 2 Minute Argument For President Trump's Border Wall

This is the number one conservative argument for President Trump's Border Wall. No fluff, just facts.
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The Rise of ISIS During the Obama Administration

Since the 9/11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the United States has launched a War on Terror. This foreign policy outlook is unlike any prior war, because the war is fought against an ideology, not a nation. During the Bu
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Kanye West and His Political Platforms for the 2020 Election

Kanye West announced on Saturday evening that he will be “running for President of the United States.” It came as a surprise to nearly the entire country, but especially Republicans. Why would Yeezus, one of the few

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