t has been 15 weeks and 3 days since I published the first article on The Political Dropout. 107 days ago, I launched the blog that would change my perspective on the future and politics to come.

If you asked me on May 1st what I envisioned my career to be, I would have told you a Congressman or a local politician. If you ask me today, I will tell you an entrepreneur. 

It has taken me three jobs and countless people to help me realize that I don’t want to build anybody else’s dream. I want to wake up each morning and continue to work on something that I love.

“I would rather be broke and chasing my dreams, than be financially stable working a job that I hate.” There is this Netflix series called “Last Chance U” that follows some of the most successful Junior College football programs in America, and in the most recent season, one of the players, RJ Stern, said that quote. 

“I would rather be broke and chasing my dreams, than be financially stable working a job that I hate.”

I think about it each day. I have a plaque in my office that is written with those exact words. A constant reminder of who I am, and who I set out to be. Because it is true: I would rather be broke and chasing my dreams, than be financially stable working a job that I hate.

What I Have Learned After Starting a Political Blog

Would I consider myself happy with where the company is today? Sure. I am happy with its progress thus far, but not satisfied. I genuinely think that I will never be satisfied with The Political Dropout’s performance only because there will always be a blog that is more relatable and more interesting and more prominent.

I wish that I could summarize my experiences with my company into only a few sentences, but I cannot. There have been too many individuals, too many lessons, and too many interactions to glance over and forget. 

It has given me a lot to think about: does anyone really care about politics, how far will I go to ensure the success of my company, and how do I deal with people that hate me? And after pondering about the last 15 weeks and 3 days, I have come up with a list of what I have learned since starting a political blog.

Education Is Not Easy

This phrase holds two, very different meanings to me. One of these is in regards to educating America, while the other is about a college education. 

Why did I start The Political Dropout? Because I wanted to help others become educated and form their arguments on within conservative beliefs. The initial goal was to educate the people that already were leaning right, and transition into the leftist demographic with time.

This sounds practical in theory, yet is not so simple. Because many citizens have become radicalized in correlation with the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, the amount of liberal thinkers has skyrocketed.

To fulfill my mission in educating America, I would have to appeal to a radical leftist agenda. And in all honesty, dealing with a radical leftist is very difficult. You could show someone the facts, and prove your theory, but if what you preach is not what they want to hear…changing their mind will not happen.

I had to reconsider my approach to the plan. Do I only educate the right-leaning and moderate audience, or do I continue to push forward against the radical left? Well, because I am pursuing my studies at the George Washington University (virtually), I figured why not. 

And that leads to my second point: a college education. Do I want to graduate from university? Will an International Affairs degree help foster the growth of The Political Dropout? When building a network and providing business partners with my background, it will. But the time allotment is what worries me.

Before I started this blog, I wanted to be a politician. I wanted to work for the government and directly act for my country. But now? I don’t want to be involved in politics because it is dirty. The environment is toxic and your colleagues become your adversaries by working to oust you for a better position. 

I want to be above politics. I manage the growth and development of The Political Dropout, the sole reason why I hired six writers to help put out content. I thrive off the adrenaline that comes with starting a business. I want to be known in the long run as the entrepreneur of a political website rather than a fading TikTok content creator that will be forgotten in a few months.

Back to the main point: will studying at one of America’s best International Affairs schools take too much time away from my dream? Perhaps, but only time will tell. Only after my first year at university will I make the decision to pursue what is best for me.

Your Friends Stop Being Your Friends

The subsection practically explains itself. Were the people who left you because of a political preference really your friends in the first place? I doubt it.

What I am unable to fathom is that you could create an emotional connection with someone, show them what real love is, and they will forget about you for promoting Donald Trump. Obviously, at first I would care and become upset, but once the closest people unfollowed me I understood reality. 

The sheer audacity of people who think they are more virtuous than others, simply because they believe in open borders and systemic racism, is baffling. I accept people for supporting Black Lives Matter. I accept people for supporting Bernie Sanders. But they won’t accept me because I still appreciate American values and the American identity?

These past few months, I have come to an understanding that from now on I will be despised. I remember when I sent in a picture of myself at a Donald Trump rally to the college group chat and a wave of “thumbs down” emojis was reciprocated back on my end.

As I’ve stated earlier, nothing hurts more than losing some of your closest people because of a political affiliation. But, it just goes to show that you were never their “favorite people” to begin with.

I Want to 10X The Political Dropout

For anyone that is aware of Grant Cardone and his annual business conference, you are familiar with what I mean by 10X. What it means to 10X The Political Dropout is this: set goals for my company, and multiply them by 10.

There is a limited amount of people that have heard my goals. I keep them confidential because I believe that telling them will cause you to ease up on yourself and not follow through. But here is a goal that I can proudly share: I want The Political Dropout to become verified on instagram.

This has been a goal since my sophomore year in high school. Clearly, it was for my personal Instagram, but that will come with time. The blue check opens doors and allows you to connect with the rest of the world that cares about their success.

I feel as if anything is possible because let’s look at my company’s track record. We have been able to develop a segment (The University)  which no other right-leaning media platform has, we were able to be featured in an article for Kivo Daily and NY Weekly, we hired a staff of eight, we collaborated with the biggest media page for Generation Z, Conservative Hype House (of which our success is attributed to Madisyn Bukoski, who helped the growth of the company tremendously), we held an interview with Will Witt ( a great role model), we are in contact with our first potential paid advertiser, and we are starting nationwide TPD Chapters.

If you told me four months ago that I would start a political website that has a high school chapter located in California, I don’t know how I would react. If you told me that I would interview my role model, I don’t know how I would react. If you told me that I could make money doing what I love, and establish a career in it…I would believe you.

It has not even been four full months and our growth has been tremendous. Is it where I want it to be? Not at all. But, I am satisfied with where we are.

I wake up every morning and continue to tell myself that this will change the course of history. The Political Dropout is a movement, and it will not be done in a year or two years. I want for it to become the most read conservative blog. I want to hold annual conferences. I want to sell the coolest apparel. I want to 10X my goals and turn my company into a lifestyle.

A Few Final Words For the Brave

Maybe you are reading this article because you are considering starting a political blog yourself. Maybe you are reading this article because you have doubts in your abilities. I say go for it. What do you have to lose?

If you are passionate about something, make that your life mission. Who cares what the critics will say, and who cares how others will do? The biggest mistake people make is not making one. 

For all I know this political blog could have been a failure. I could have spent thousands of dollars and infinite hours on nothing. People wouldn’t read it, I would lose all my close friends, and I would be left with nothing. 

But I wouldn’t be upset. I do my best when it comes to my company. Let me quote Will Smith to conclude this piece.

“You don't set out to build a wall. You don't say 'I'm going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that's ever been built. 'You don't start there. You say 'I'm gonna lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid,' and you do that every single day, and soon you have a wall.” - Will Smith
Aug 17, 2020

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