wouldn’t be surprised if someone sends this article to my college because they feel “threatened” by my use of expressive vocabulary. It wouldn’t be the first time that political correctness influenced someone’s decision to email the school.

Quite recently, my International Affairs professor gave an example during class which had to do with terrorism. “Would you consider a school shooting, such as the one that took place in Parkland, an act of terrorism,” was nearly what he said. I paid no attention to the malice behind such an idea and simply answered the poll. 

The class ended. A few hours later, notifications started to pour into a group chat designed to connect the class of 200 students, or so. “It is his responsibility to make sure that class is a safe space for all of his students,” one of the leftists had mentioned, and then proceeded with, “he created a lecture that was incredibly triggering and then proceeded to not provide any trigger warnings, then after made us answer tophat questions for credit.”

“It is his responsibility to make sure that class is a safe space for all of his students,” one of the leftists had mentioned

I wonder if the children in Iraq whose homes were grazed off the face of earth bombed by the Obama Administration received trigger warnings. I’ll have to look into it. 

I find it so difficult to believe that there are 19-year-old students incapable of discussing traumatic events. Is the coddling of their mind during childhood to blame for such cowardice, or the push for political correctness in a world that praises victimization the answer? 

I find it embarrassing that students at one of the most prestigious International Affairs programs in the United States are offended by the depiction of international conflicts. An entire group helplessly aimed at doxing me for having a Trump flag in the background of my Zoom camera, and now their attention turns towards cancelling this professor.

Because I feel ashamed towards the pusillanimity of people, I am publishing this article with my reasoning as to why I hate political correctness.

Pretending to Be Woke

It is the same concept that applies to white guilt: a vacuum of authority. When white people admit to being privileged, they release a moral superiority into the world telling everyone: I am woke. It accomplishes nothing and indoctrinates others in the belief that white privilege exists.

The individuals that go on mission trips to Africa because they feel bad for black people are the ones that act politically correct and restrict the freedoms of others. They act fake woke and try to pin their nonsensical agenda onto others. 

There are instances where I will not wear a mask, or I will say a certain word, for the purpose of going against the leftist mob. The most educated individuals are the easiest to proselytize because they are obedient to authority. 

And as an additional point, those who have pronouns in their Instagram bio are the most avid proponents of political correctness. If you would like to be addressed as a male or female, I will address you as that. But what I will not abide by is stating my gender with my name and hometown during introductions at school.

Please stop pretending to be woke, because it deviates from the point you are trying to make.

Politically Correct Comedy Is Not Funny

Where do women belong? The kitchen. That is a joke that could become extinct in the next decade or so. It is funny. What is not funny is cancelling comedians because their jokes offended someone. Ricky Gervias is the perfect example of this.

At the 2020 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais hosted and ran with a theme of comedy that no one in Hollywood would like favorably upon. Me? I loved it. The Epstein jokes, the teasing of Leonardo DiCaprio and his youthful dating endeavors, and the completely anti-PC ramble against the pitiful presence of Hollywood.

It was well done, and more funny than the weekly SNL skit where Alec Baldwin would impersonate Trump in a terrible manner. But Hollywood? They hated Ricky Gervais and several influential actors say that he has no place in Los Angeles.

Sexist, racist, and homophobic jokes are funny because they are not supposed to be taken seriously. If someone were to make a joke about Polish people being stupid, I would laugh alongside them because that is the stereotype. But if I were to make a joke about a black person not having a job, I’d be labeled a racist and put in the same category as those with “blackface.”

There is a double standard that lies in political correctness because leftists can say whatever they want against moderates and conservatives, but as soon as you say something against them, they will be outraged. Hence my point at the beginning of this article, I would not be surprised if someone sends this link to my college.

Political Correctness is an Infringement on Rights

The First Amendment, as taken from the Constitution of the United States: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion... or abridging the freedom of speech…” Therefore, I should have the privilege of saying whatever I would like, as long as it does not interact with violence upon others.

Hate speech is lawfully protected by the First Amendment, yet I am not saying that politically incorrect phrases are forms of hate speech. But if I want to call something retarded, or tell my friend a sexist joke, I should be allowed to by all institutions. 

The white guilt that takes place in businesses across America, especially after the BLM nonsense that has ravaged the country, is despicable. Individuals do their best to be mindful of others, not to offend them. Their World War II veteran grandfather is rolling in his grave, currently. 

We have the right to say whatever we want to as Americans, that is why we live here and not North Korea. I fear a Joe Biden Administration because under it, alongside Kamala Harris, they will enact a ban on hate speech. The issue? There is no line that separates hate speech from free speech.

Liberals have been wishing death on President Trump, but that wouldn’t be allowed in a Joe Biden Administration. Liberals have been spreading fake news against President Trump, but that will not be allowed in a Joe Biden Administration. This is the double standard that political correctness creates, and the citizens of the United States should look to abolish anti-racism training and anti-PC training.

Political correctness is gay. Cancel me for that, Becky. 

Dec 2, 2020

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