onopoly is a game of strategy. One must accumulate a respectable amount of wealth, then purchase several of the various colored properties, all in an effort to eventually bankrupt the rest of the players by charging them unreasonable rent fees. Learning this scheme at an early age breeds billionaire culture, and for that reason this iniquitous board game must be canceled. 

Personally, I’ve been a victim to the authoritarian system; the system that forced me into a deep poverty. I recall that I was standing on Marvin Gardens, the most outlying yellow tile. I rolled the dice, and the first presented a 4 and the latter a 6, totalling a 10. And as any veteran player would know, this journey would take me to the Boardwalk space which already held three of my cousin’s houses. I declared bankruptcy and went back to the basement!

The same concepts of Monopoly can be applied to the United States, a nation that holds capitalism on a pedestal, and neglects to treat the majority of its citizens fairly. In a world of YouTube ads promoting real estate tycoons, the average viewer is brainwashed into thinking of a reality where this is actually possible. 

What kind of delusional person would believe that taking a risk, simply to better oneself in their socio-economic status, would lead to success? An idiot! It’s impractical to believe the nonsense being fed to the public through the media. Maybe Donald Trump has been the “fake news” all along; I’m sure he loves Monopoly, especially considering the amount of properties he owns!

I work an honest corporate job. I don’t complain when I deliver mail to the greedy executives. Each morning they’ll ask me how my day is going. I’ll answer blindly and continue my trail of paper because no offense to them, I feel a certain paranoia in which they are secretly plotting against me. It’s just not fair.

A fair system is one that would take the wealth from the 1%, and disperse it amongst the common man. According to Brookings Institution, the top 1% of Americans hold more wealth than the bottom 80% of Americans. Allow me to quote Dan Riffle, the policy advisor to the Renaissance woman of our time, House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in which he said, “every billionaire is a policy failure.” 

I agree. This is exactly why Monopoly should be canceled; it only leads to a society where others are better than the common man (or woman)! I’m sure the aristocrats who support billionaires have their evidence against me. For what it’s worth, they must be knowledgeable in certain areas!

As the devil’s advocate (“devil” referring to the evil billionaire), it is only proper to mention that there are certain billionaires who may be generous. Azim Premji, an Indian tech tycoon, transferred a $7.5 billion stake of his IT company towards a charitable foundation. But, that’s just one example and I’m sure it would be impossible to find another source of charity from a billionaire!

Actually, in contrast to my previous statement, I did find something. I found many “somethings”. But I’ll just go into one more example that helps justify my claim against billionaires.

Could you believe how despicable Jeff Bezos’ donations have been in the last 20 years? According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Jeff Bezos only donated an estimated $67 million from 2000 to 2017! Quoting Dylan Matthews from Vox, “that’s pathetic”. Why in the world would he not give up all of his wealth! (Update: look into his $100 million COVID-19 donation)

I feel as if I could only trace this back to Monopoly. According to TheRealDeal, a New York real estate news site, “173 billionaires identified real estate as their primary business with their average net worth hovering around $2.7 billion”. If it’s not Monopoly, what else could it be? It couldn’t be an expertise of where the money is. And it sure as heck isn’t listening to others!

I once read that the rich actually pay higher taxes than the common man. That doesn’t seem feasible because it would mean I’ve been lied to by my hero, former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Regardless, according to the IRS, the top tax bracket stands at 37% for individual earners. 

When I came upstairs for breakfast, I asked my dad why the media publishes a different story of how the rich pay so little. He explained to me that the majority of the 1% hold investments, and those investments are taxed at a lower rate than wages and salaries. I learned something very valuable from that.

The rich risk their money and pour them into investments, while the poor work for their money, yet have the same opportunity to invest, but don’t capitalize on it. I learned that the system is unfair, and that is what I told my dad. For some reason, he looked disappointed and explained to me that I am the freeloader, not the billionaires. That’s why I hate him. 

If I could quote the Renaissance woman of our generation, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, yet again, “once you get to the tippy-tops — on your 10 millionth dollar — sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70 percent”. This was a plan she proposed in 2019, and it could definitely work. It would be better than the ludicrous taxes we have now! Take that Bill Gates!

Monopoly is a game that tears families apart, and encourages the player to con the poor man. I have been a victim and I am not the only one. The same philosophy is present in the United States economy. Therefore, in an effort to prevent future calamities, I look to ban Monopoly. It is unfair, and eliminating it would be the stepping stone to financial freedom for all! 

May 1, 2020

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