his is the number one conservative argument against Kamala Harris. No fluff, just facts...

Argument #1: “Kamala Harris Will End Racial Injustice in America!”

What You Need to Know:

  • Kamala Harris says she is a “progressive prosecutor,” serving as California’s Attorney General and protecting the most vulnerable from a “racist” judicial system. However, that is not true.
  • A brief statistical analysis of Kamala Harris’ track record:
  • After withholding crucial information about a police laboratory technician, Kamala Harris decided to argue against the judge. It resulted in 600+ cases, involving the technician, to be dismissed.
  • I agree with this law, however most progressives would not: Harris championed a legislation that would prosecute parents whose children were habitually truant (chronically missing school). It disproportionately affected low-income minority families more.
  • When a judge ruled, in 2014, that the death penalty was unconstitutional, Harris appealed the decision. Quite the conservative belief, if you ask me.
  • Did not take a public position of Proposition 47, which was a bill that would lower low-level felonies to misdemeanors (also led to her mocking a voter that asked if she would consider legalizing marijuana).
  • In 2015, Kamala Harris did not support a bill that required police officers to wear body cameras.
  • George Gage: a man that is currently serving 70 years in prison over accusations that he sexually abused his step-daughter. Before that claim, he didn’t even have a parking ticket. During the trial, the only evidence was the stepdaughter’s claims (the mother describing her as a “pathological liar”). What did Kamala do? Convict the man over a technicality issue (not raising these claims earlier in the trial).
  • Here are three more incidents which should embarrass her office: one, two, three.
  • In regards to her criminal justice convictions, she has the audacity to publish this message in her memoir “The Truths We Hold”: “America has a deep and dark history of people using the power of the prosecutor as an instrument of injustice.” As if she is not the one doing this.
  • Kamala Harris is very similar to Joe Biden on race. Harris calls herself  a proponent of the black community, when in reality she is a chimera.

Argument #2: “Kamala Harris Is A Great Asset to Joe Biden!”

What You Need to Know:

  • "She is also known, from what I understand, as being just about the most liberal person in the U.S. Senate and I would have thought Biden would have tried to stay away from that a little bit," Trump said.
  • Although Donald Trump's quote does not depict the relationship between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it does prove a point.
  • Doesn’t Joe Biden refer to himself as a moderate? So why did he pick a Vice President that supports Medicare For All, supports the Black Lives Matter movement, supports a 70% tax on the rich, and supports granting free healthcare for illegal immigrants? Absurd.
  • Either Joe Biden will not agree on a bipartisan reform with his Vice President, or they will be the most progressive ticket in United States history. 
  • Perhaps the most memorable moment in the Democratic debates: Kamala Harris attacks Joe Biden on his previous, pro-segregationist motives.
  • Directly from USAToday, “Turning to Biden on Thursday, Harris said she doesn’t think he’s racist, but she said it’s ‘hurtful’ to hear him talk about finding common ground with two senators who built their reputations and careers on segregation. Harris cited Biden’s fight against school busing and told the story of a young California girl who was part of the second class to integrate her school. “That little girl is me,” she said.
  • Yet, there is a similarity between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: as I have mentioned before, both politicians are superficial and corrupt. Both individuals have previously fought against the black community, and just recently have hopped on the bandwagon of BLM. It is sad to see the manipulation of the black community.

Argument #3: “Kamala Harris Will Institute a Great Platform!”

What You Need to Know:

  • Kamala Harris is very progressive when it comes to policy:
  • In regards to her COVID-19 efforts, she has supported a ban on evictions and foreclosures. This would devastate the market and create a major issue in the economy.
  • She has also created a proposal that would send $2,000 a month to each adult, and $2,000 a month to each dependent.
  • In regards to her tax platform: it is difficult to say simply because she has not revealed much. However, because of her support for Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All plan, her tax system would be ULTRA progressive.
  • The tax brackets are similar to Donald Trump’s TJCA up until the $250,001 - $500,000 bracket. Individuals earning there would pay 44% compared to the current 35%. Individuals earning $2M to $10M would pay 54% compared to the current 37%. And finally, the most radical tax of all, individuals earning $10M+ would pay a 70% tax rate.
  • In regards to her healthcare platform: Kamala Harris was one of the co-sponsors of Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare For All” healthcare plan. If you would like to know why this is a terrible idea, please click here.
  • She also stated that she would support an America that had a tightly regulated private healthcare system, as well as a public one.
  • In regards to her immigration policies: Kamala Harris is against child-separation at the borders, is in favor of the Obama-era DACA, and is also in favor of granting free healthcare for illegal immigrants… keyword: illegal.
  • Kamala Harris’ other progressive platforms: she supports abortion access and Planned Parenthood funding, the Green New Deal (a plan authored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that would cost $73 trillion) as well as her own proposal of a $10 trillion plan which has a goal of net-zero emissions by 2045.

The Overall Argument Against Kamala Harris:

Kamala Harris does not care about the black community. Joe Biden does not care about the black community. There is a possibility that the United States will be led by a ticket that is so saturated in earning the black vote, they will be as progressive as possible.

But, why is Kamala Harris a terrible choice for Vice President? Perhaps, it is because of her relationship with Joe Biden and their potential conflict in office, or because if Joe Biden dies in office, America will be in the hands of the most radical Senator that Congress has to offer.

A “Medicare For All” healthcare system, a 70% tax on the rich, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, a dire need to end the false “systemic racism” in the United States, and public support of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement… this could be the next POTUS.

Kamala Harris is corrupt and a lying politician. I stand wholeheartedly with that statement because she is fake. Says one thing, but does the other. She only pleases the majority, but does not agree with it. Just five years ago, she was against a bill that would require police to wear body cameras on their uniforms. And today, she supports defunding the police.

There is not much as to why Kamala Harris would be a terrible Vice President, and potential President. Bluntly, she would help ruin America. The POTUS should not be too right, nor too left, and choosing Senator Harris is not the bipartisan approach.

Aug 13, 2020

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