ladimir Lenin built communism off of the idea of equality. He garnered the support of millions by promising equality and freedom from the corrupt Russian government. How did that exactly turn out? According to David Satter, nearly 100 million people have been murdered under communist Russia. 

Promising equality, Lenin gave more inequality, oppression, and murder.  As we sit and listen to the promises of House Representatives like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, we hear about the need for free housing, free college tuition, guaranteed employment, free healthcare, and more. All of these promises sound exactly like the promises that Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks made to the Russian people.

Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks rose to power in Russia because they exploited the people in their pain. During that time period, the Russian people were infuriated at the Russian government for the inequality in Russia. Lenin and the Bolsheviks built their entire support off of the promises of peace, bread, and land. Promising peace, the Bolsheviks were promising to end division and tyranny. 

Promising bread, the Bolsheviks were promising to end hunger and food inequality. Finally, promising land, the Bolsheviks were promising to give free housing and land to the people. 

Doesn’t this sound familiar? As Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and leading Democrats promise free housing, free healthcare, guaranteed employment, and more, they sound scarily similar to the promises of the Bolsheviks. 

Promising free healthcare, the Democrats are feeding off the wants of the people for better healthcare. Promising guaranteed employment, the Democrats are feeding off the uncertainty of employment to some Americans. Promising free housing, the Democrats are exploiting the living conditions people live in to gain support. 

The Promises of the Democrats Sound A Lot Like the Promises of Lenin’s Communism

As we see how similar Lenin’s promises are to the promises of the Democrats, the left uses tactics that are scarily similar to Lenin’s. Once Lenin and the Bolsheviks rose to power, they began using tactics of fear and intimidation to force people to kneel to their wishes. Known as the Red Terror, the Bolsheviks targeted anyone who posed a threat to their party. 

Bolshevik leaders ordered Bolshevik supporters, mainly located in the populated cities, to go after dissidents. Dissidents included anyone and everyone from Christians to liberals. If you had different values than those of the party, you were targeted. Put into concentration camps or executed, you were doomed to live a short life in torture. 

Now, how does this have anything to do with the Democrats? While the Democrats aren’t calling to set up concentration camps and execute people, they are using the same intimidation tactics to target anyone who voted for Donald Trump. When the left begins making a list of Trump supporters from within his administration and outside of it, they are using the same fear and intimidation. 

When leftist supporters, namely Jennifer Rubin of Independent Women’s Voice, say “we have to level them (Republicans),” we are dealing with the same intentions that drove the Bolsheviks to murder dissidents and throw them in camps. 

Coming from a member of the left and a leader of a prominent organization, “We have to collectively burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them. Because if there are survivors…. they will do it again.”

If there are survivors? The only reason someone would mention survivors when discussing political opponents is if you are wanting to eradicate those people from society. When she mentions how we need to burn down the Republican Party, she is using the same tactics Lenin used. The left wants no opponents, and they want absolutely no resistance, and they will use whatever force necessary to do that, apparently. 

The U.S. Politicians Behind The Fight for Socialism

Who is supporting these ideas in America? If you look at demographics, AOC and other radical politicians are all coming out of cities and heavily populated areas. Similar to the Bolshevik supporters in the cities, supporters of these ideas are coming from the cities. Do we truly believe that all these people believe we should establish oppression and suffering? 

The Democrats are using wedge issues that matter to people to establish themselves in power. Exploiting the fears of the people, they are using the same tactics Lenin used to establish power. The people aren’t behind this. Our radical leaders in Congress are. Radical leftist leaders are behind this. So, the next time you hear someone tell you how Democratic ideas are for the people, remember that Lenin said the same thing. 

As we look back into history at the Bolsheviks and Lenin in Russia, we see similarities in their promises to the Russian people as we do with the Democrats and the American people. As we look at the tactics they use to squash conservative voices, remember the tactics that Lenin used. 

When they begin calling for the punishment of political opponents, it is time to worry. So, the next time you hear a Democrat promise these ideas, remember what happened to Russia/the Soviet Union. Remember the worsened oppression and the inequalities that resulted from those promises. And, when you hear these promises coming from American leaders, it is time to fight for our country.

Dec 7, 2020
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