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There is no better place to advertise your business than with us. Let us take care of your future customers and you won't be disappointed.
Light Package
/ month
1 sidebar banner (320x440px)
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Standard Package
/ month
1 sidebar banner (320x440px) and 1 fullsize banner (1170x128px)
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Custom Package
3+ banners on every page
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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas. We will be glad to help and let you know more about all our marketing and advertising options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i advertise with you?

As a conservative blog that focuses on an audience of young political readers, we promise to maintain customer loyalty, a quick response service, and a community atmosphere. We put our trust in you, because you put your trust in us.

How big is your audience?

Our audience reaches approximately 4,000 monthly readers. For any confirmation we can work with you to provide exact data on the previous month's performance.

Could you design my banners for my advertising campaign?

Yes, our team can work with you and your business to design a banner that will stand out from traditional ads.

Do you have money back guarantee?

We potentially offer a money back guarantee if your ad campaign did not perform as we had expected. There are certain variables that come into play, however we will make sure to comply in the most civil manner.

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