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Thank you for being here. The Political Dropout is a political news-blog for students, by students. We vow to always deliver the facts, no fluff. In a society that perpetuates a culture of victimization, the abandonment of our constitutional rights is rampant across the country. At The Political Dropout, we look to praise young, patriotic voices and build an organization that stands confidently alongside their opinions. We thank you for your viewership. God Bless,

A Message From the Founder, Marcel Milewski

When I begin my studies at The George Washington University in the fall of 2020, I don’t plan to be ordinary. Nobody does. I don’t look to attain knowledge and preserve it for myself, but rather share it with those who have the same passion as I do: become the best one could become in an effort to one day write my story. 

I hate to mimic the culture of victimization that we live in, but obviously when one is the 2%, they can be referred to as the minority. Attending a university with a conservative population of 2% gifts me with the privilege of writing my story from a distinctive point of view, a point of view that is labeled the “unpopular opinion”.

I have a genuine love for politics, the idea of pursuing it has been looming in my mind for years. I don’t want to say I’ve never had the chance, but I never did have the opportunity to properly launch a professional conservative blog until this most recent outbreak of COVID-19. The unlucky circumstance has blessed me with the time to write for and manage a website, suitably. 

I am not an expert on political matters, but what I am is an avid believer in standing up for what you support. And I completely understand that I will be criticized for speaking on political matters without having any of the necessary qualifications: a degree, a formal background, etc. But for what it’s worth, if there is any information that seems false to you, my email is somewhere on this site; so, feel free to correct me.

The undertaking is simple, use this platform as an education for those who want to learn. There is no right and wrong when it comes to this subject, there is an answer, and then there is a better answer. Alas, if you are an aficionado of political matters, whatever affiliation you may be, I encourage you to glance at what has been published.

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